Olympus VG-140

Be creative with the Olympus digital VG-140! With a 4.7 mm focal length, this unit can shoot a broad angle, perfect for group shots of friends and family. The ISO 1600 light sensitivity allows you to shoot even in places such as museums where you don't want to use your flash. It displays a very satisfying amount of detail with its 14-megapixel resolution, allowing you to capture top quality pictures. The exposure time goes from 1/2 to 4 seconds. With the short shutter speed, you can take a sharp photo by freezing an action. Take control over your shots with its 3" display. SDHC and SD cards can be used.


Type   compact
Resolution   14 MP
Focal length max   23.5 mm
Focal length min   4.7 mm
Shutter speed max   1/2 s
Shutter speed min   4 s
ISO sensitivity   80-1600
Screen size   3 in
Optical zoom   5X
Storage media(s)   SD, SDHC
Red eye reduction   True
White balance modes   Auto, Presets (Daylight Overcast Tungsten and 3 Fluorescents)
Weight   0.3 lb
Height   0.1 in
Width   0.1 in


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