Where to begin?

Why another website for digital cameras?

Whether you want to buy your first camera, upgrade your equipment or make a present, the perfect digital camera is never easy to find.

Camera Square can help you make your decision: all the useful information on the available digital cameras has been collected, and used to write a short description for each one explaining the technical details so that you can easily find out which one is made for you.

And now what?

It’a all very simple! You can begin your visit by choosing the camera type that suits you best:

  • compact: a compact digital camera is very small and lightweight, usually fully automatized, and boasts an LCD screen for easy photo framing and reviewing. Put it in your pocket to bring with you everywhere, and never miss anything again!
  • hybrid: a hybrid digital camera has a small body with a large lens, or sometimes a smaller one that can be swapped out. Adaptable and easy to use, it can be easily upgraded to suit your needs.
  • DSLR: a DSLR, for “digital single-lens reflex” camera is the “professional” camera, its lens using a mirror to reflect light through the view finder. For uncompromising quality and perfect photos anytime, this is the camera you need.
  • medium formal: “medium format” usually refers to a film format, but also to the related cameras using that kind of film. This includes all film sizes between 24 by 36 mm (full-frame) and 4 by 5 inches (large-format). It is still used today for digital cameras with sensors larger than 35 mm. They are similar to the DSLRs in terms of professional use.